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A Silver Lining

The incessant rains had soaked me to the bone. I became saturated in doubt and self pity. Empty afternoons filled with gray skies. All hope clouded by a foggy vision. Months of sunless news and no headway. After all that, I was due for some good news, a silver lining.
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Adding Insult to Injury

My job search in Northeast Wisconsin was gaining steam — so much steam, in fact, that my black-rimmed glasses were fogging. And after a tumultuous few months, I was full steam ahead, more ambitious than ever to move, to make a change, to put the past behind me for a fresh start, to wave goodbye to the city I had called home for 13 years. At that point, I probably would’ve accepted a job in Siberia if it meant getting life and career back on track.
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An April Fool: You Want Me to Put That Where?

You know the movie Groundhog Day? The one in which Bill Murray’s character gets trapped in a series of repeating events at a Groundhog Day celebration. At times, I think my life is like that, only it’s called April Fools’ Day. Life’s punching bag. The world’s practical joke. A never-ending farce. In one of their hits, the Bee Gees sing, “Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.”
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An Underdog Story

I love underdog stories. But that’s usually reserved for movies like Rudy. Or watching sports. Or reading a great novel. We find ourselves rooting for the little guy. The Little Engine That Could. The fabled tortoise and his hare nemesis. When it comes to our own lives, however, it’s not so enjoyable. We’d much rather skip the blood, sweat, and tears, and go right to the happy ending.
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The Not-So-Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

I just finished reading The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World. In it, author Eric Weiner turns the world over to learn what makes the pronounced happiest places in the world so, well, darn happy. The basic conclusion, as you might guess, is that happiness is subjective and defined differently by different people. And subjectivity varies greatly as you cross borders and time zones.
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