Opening the Archives

08 Dec

Till now, this blog has briefly reflected on the past year. That was the original intent, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far. For my casual readers, my stories and writing style may not resonate as much as they do with those who know me, due to the fact that you have never met me. And because you have never met me, you don’t really know my past.

From the start, my hypothesis has been this: My past has been a rickety roller coaster of highs and lows, mostly lows. Despite the tragedies and heartache my family experienced over the past 30 years, the past year has actually meant more to my maturity and progression as both man and adult.

I learned to cope with new problems and handle them in new ways.

I found the meaning of family and true friendship.

I saw what matters most in life.

I met two interesting characters: loyalty and humility.

I encountered a different side of God.

I discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible.

While my hypothesis remains intact, this story cannot be told in its entirety without also revealing the skeletons in my closet. Those skeletons hang eerily over my comings and goings, even shaping my attitude and behaviors in the past year. And while disclosing the hidden, private parts of myself will render me bare naked, I feel a sense of duty to my readers.

To see the whole picture requires a historical backdrop of years zero through 31 in my life. Those years shed perspective on where I’m “from.” They help you draw comparisons and see why I feel, think, and say things as I do. They explain my natural reaction to trap my emotions tightly in a bottle, stored away for the end of time. They justify my pessimism, smile-less existence and down-on-my-luck outlook.

I’ve been an open book till now, so now I dust off the archives to open up even more, prefacing The Book Project with tell-all details of my past. This is who I am.

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