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Opening the Archives

Till now, this blog has briefly reflected on the past year. That was the original intent, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far. For my casual readers, my stories and writing style may not resonate as much as they do with those who know me, due to the fact that you have never met me. And because you have never met me, you don’t really know my past.

From the start, my hypothesis has been this: My past has been a rickety roller coaster of highs and lows, mostly lows. Despite the tragedies and heartache my family experienced over the past 30 years, the past year has actually meant more to my maturity and progression as both man and adult.
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A Good-Ole Wisconsin Summer

My final summer in Milwaukee was my best. Or at least I tried to make it so. With a fortune-changing relocation to NYC on my personal horizon, I attempted to do all the things that make Wisconsin summers so memorable. June, July, and August are especially alive in Milwaukee, thanks to the countless activities that beckon people out of their homes: fairs, festivals, wooded trails, beaches, lakes, sporting events, and any other reason to have a cold beer in hand. After all, we endure seven months of agonizing cold and sunless depression that we make it our sole mission to account for every minute of summer.
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Why I Decided to Start Blogging

Welcome to my blog. And thanks for reading.

The day I turned 31 (August 25, 2011, to be exact), I did what most people do on their day of birth: I told myself, “This year is going to be different.” I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions, but I figured that I’d give the whole yearly optimism thing a try. As I sit here recollecting just one month from my thirty-second birthday, I can honestly say that 2011-2012 was different, and not necessarily in a “Wow! That was an epic year!” kind of way. It surely wasn’t the year I had in mind, and it almost makes me nervous what to wish for this year (a Keurig coffee machine, if you’re wondering).
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