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Happiness Only Real When Shared

In Into the Wild, a movie based on Jon Krakauer’s book by the same title, Christopher McCandless concludes, “Happiness only real when shared.” McCandless set out on a wilderness expedition into Alaska, living off the land and carrying with him random objects to either help him survive or document his journey. His odyssey was one of self discovery and enlightenment, as, prior to departing for Alaska, he had given up traditional societal norms by donating his savings and destroying his identification documents, among others.
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A Game of Taboo, Anyone?

In much of the Midwest, particularly Wisconsin, online dating is still very much a taboo subject. When you mention that you have a dating profile, looks of shame and judgment, coupled with hand-over-the-mouth gasps, typically follow. It’s normal. Expect it.
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Anti-Social Dating in a Social-Media World

In my last piece of anecdotal prose, I mentioned that living with my parents has come with a mixed bag of pros and cons, one of those cons being how to tell a potential suitor that I live at home (yes, I used the word “suitor”). Perhaps I’ve been out of “the game” far too long, but dating sure has changed. Since my last relationship, my struggles have been like learning how to ride a bike…again.

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The Not-So-Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

I just finished reading The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World. In it, author Eric Weiner turns the world over to learn what makes the pronounced happiest places in the world so, well, darn happy. The basic conclusion, as you might guess, is that happiness is subjective and defined differently by different people. And subjectivity varies greatly as you cross borders and time zones.
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It Is What It Is: Lessons Learned From a Smoking Elephant

Those who know me also know that I hate the cliché “It is what it is.” Maybe hate is a strong word; I never really understood it. What is it really saying? If I ask you what something is and you respond with, “It is what it is,” don’t expect gratitude for your over-simplified clarification. Very slowly read it aloud to yourself and contemplate its meaning: It. Is. What. It. Is.
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