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When It All Came Crashing Down, Part III: Life in the Aftermath

In the days following a death, there is no time to grieve. An obituary needs writing. The casket needs selecting. Funeral preparations need making. And a host of other laundry-list items too many to count. For that reason, the reality of what had just occurred — death — hits everyone at different times and in different ways.
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When It All Came Crashing Down, Part II

Being away at college, I had learned of my father’s passing when my family phoned with the alarming news. In the aftermath of that sobering call, I had so many questions. What had happened to my father? Was it accidental? Was he alone? And a hundred others.
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When It All Came Crashing Down, Part I

I have shared insights with you about my youth, adolescence, and early adulthood. You’ve read along, as I told you how my father’s alcoholism and drug abuse wasted away his life and my childhood. We walked together through this journey, and the whole time you’ve never been clued in to what happened on that fateful day.
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Thirteen Days of Battling Sobriety

Thirteen of my father’s journal entries, abbreviated to emphasize the central message in each one. You’ll hear his sarcastic wit, boredom, and longing for love and acceptance. You’ll  share in his daily battle to find hope and optimism. You’ll experience his ongoing search for answers. You’ll see that the distrust from his wayward ways was something we didn’t just harbor at home; his unearthed reputation followed him wherever he went.

And finally, you’ll hear the defeated attempt in his voice, his last-ditch effort to get better while facing an uphill battle that would slowly inch him back down. It was as if he felt all along that things may not get better, ever.
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The Sad Rainbow Inside Our Medicine Cabinet

Alcohol was eating away at my father’s insides, sending him into free fall of physical troubles and a deluge of mental problems. But alcoholism wasn’t the only thing that ailed him.

Ever since he attempted suicide as a young man, his bodily health was never the same. As you can imagine, firing a foreign object into your guts point-blank can leave a devastating aftereffect. It was the choice he made, and the consequences came with it. Over the next decades, he’d pick up the pieces from that tragic day, added to new health problems that certainly were helped along by more poor decisions and personal neglect.
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