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Adding Insult to Injury

My job search in Northeast Wisconsin was gaining steam — so much steam, in fact, that my black-rimmed glasses were fogging. And after a tumultuous few months, I was full steam ahead, more ambitious than ever to move, to make a change, to put the past behind me for a fresh start, to wave goodbye to the city I had called home for 13 years. At that point, I probably would’ve accepted a job in Siberia if it meant getting life and career back on track.
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We Walked to School Uphill Both Ways

Quitting my job as an email marketer was the easiest and hardest decision I’ve ever made. It wasn’t a fit; I knew that. But I, with my pride and blue-collar roots, felt like I had quit too soon. Recalling all those “we used to walk to school uphill both ways” conversations my parents and grandparents told, here I was ending a job just a month after it began.
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So How Did I Get Here?

How did I get here? That’s a difficult question to answer. It means pinpointing the origin of the snowball rolling down the hill. And it has been rolling for nearly 32 years (my friends would say that I’m “just so negative,” but my realism mixed with sarcasm creates a much-better story, don’t you think?).

So I guess you could say it started when I was born, but that’s a little unfair to my mother and the birthday gods. In fairness, my story is about my most-recent experiences, namely what happened between being 31 and 32 (let’s leave mom, who has saved my ass countless times, out of this). To add clarity to how I got here — this situation, this exact place, this very moment in time — I find it necessary to rewind a bit.
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