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Happiness and the Sense of Home

If home isn’t where the heart is, it is where one’s sense of belonging exists. Granted, there are exceptions to not every rule but most. Some people, from the girl who resents her parents for forcing her small-town residence to the male who doesn’t get along with his father to the starving musician needing an escape to Hollywood, may hate their homes and will do everything in their power to get away.
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The Unhappiness Rut

I feel as if I must explain. My previous post sent shockwaves across my audience, “Oooh, did you hear? Cory is depressed.” That’s not the case. I’m sure I suffer from a certain amount of depression — I won’t deny it — but this isn’t about a clinical diagnosis and how I can cure chronic sadness with a drug. Depression is a very real and serious mental illness, and I lack the academic authority on such a matter. Unhappiness and depression are not interchangeable terms and cannot be treated as synonymous (certainly, depression can be an element standing in the way of one’s search for happiness).
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Beer for Breakfast

Summer vacation in our household never equated to big trips. Going “out of state” meant, just ever-so slightly, crossing over the Wisconsin border into neighboring Illinois or Minnesota. My sister and I were robbed of Disney World and never experienced sand and surf until high school, that same trip being the first time we touched our toes in a body of water that wasn’t a murky, freshwater Wisconsin lake.
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The Orange Hat

I don’t get to the cemetery as much as I’d like. I’m not proud of it, and I wish I made a more-conscious effort. I can make excuses that life is busy or I’m always tired, but the fact of the matter is that my dad’s body lies in the ground only 15 minutes away. Perhaps that will be a new goal of mine.

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No More Hiding Under the Bed

I recently had an opportunity to reconnect with a friend from my college years. During one of our conversations, she explained the beauty in my ability to forgive my father, which got me thinking.
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I haven’t blogged in awhile. As much as writing is my joy and therapeutic outlet, it has a tendency to occasionally burn me out, spurring periodic breaks lest my passion also become a dull, monotonous chore. Taking a short leave of absence enabled me to catch up on my movie watching, particularly a new release titled Smashed.
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Why I Drink

I drink, not to prove a point. But I occasionally get asked how it is that I can bear to drink alcohol considering all the pain and suffering it has brought to my life.
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