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Dear Alcohol

February 6 will likely be just another day in your life. You will get up as you usually do, go about your normal activities, and retire after a long day like always. It’ll be the same this time as it was 12 years ago. But February 6, 2001, marked the passing of a lowly man from this earth: my father.

His death came with no recognition, glory, or even posthumous praise. People didn’t stop and wonder. In fact, his life was devoid of any fanfare, and the end of his life certainly didn’t receive any special attention. Outside his small corner of the world, life continued for most like it always does.
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A Boomerang Child: To Life and Back Again

The house purchase had fallen through. The news was disheartening, but mostly because it followed three months of bad news. And more bad news. And even more bad news. The icing on the cake. Stuff that made the Bad News Bears the luckiest sons of bitches. Perhaps if the past three months had gone more smoothly, I may not have blown the blown house purchase out of proportion. But there I was, feeling victimized and left searching for more answers.

And that’s when I decided to stop searching.
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