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Beer for Breakfast

Summer vacation in our household never equated to big trips. Going “out of state” meant, just ever-so slightly, crossing over the Wisconsin border into neighboring Illinois or Minnesota. My sister and I were robbed of Disney World and never experienced sand and surf until high school, that same trip being the first time we touched our toes in a body of water that wasn’t a murky, freshwater Wisconsin lake.
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I haven’t blogged in awhile. As much as writing is my joy and therapeutic outlet, it has a tendency to occasionally burn me out, spurring periodic breaks lest my passion also become a dull, monotonous chore. Taking a short leave of absence enabled me to catch up on my movie watching, particularly a new release titled Smashed.
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Living in the Wake of Death

My dad had this running joke that no one would ever attend his funeral. It was mostly sarcasm, but within every sarcastic comment is a small morsel of truth. The truth in this situation is the unspoken reality that he had been coming up short his entire life and, therefore, making life difficult for those who loved him.

As luck would have it, something was stirring high in the atmosphere, setting in motion a snowstorm of events beyond our control. It would be a near showstopper, holding the Wisconsin highways hostage and making sure that my father’s joke came true.
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When It All Came Crashing Down, Part I

I have shared insights with you about my youth, adolescence, and early adulthood. You’ve read along, as I told you how my father’s alcoholism and drug abuse wasted away his life and my childhood. We walked together through this journey, and the whole time you’ve never been clued in to what happened on that fateful day.
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A Retelling of the Day I’ll Never Forget

I have told accounts of my father’s ability to single-handedly foil Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. While presents were always under the tree, eggs hidden, and money under our pillows, their intended joy was usually staved off by my dad’s usual antics: a drunken tirade or foolish act causing an embarrassingly new low for the family.
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A Letter From the Past

Going through my father’s old letters and notebooks has been both helpful and emotionally debilitating. I’ve locked away so many of those memories for so long. So long, in fact, that I began forgetting my past. I grew hardened to it, refusing to confront the pain that was my youth and early adulthood. Over the years, I think I lost my identity, having developed into a shell of a man, often emotionless, expressionless, exhausted. So many years wasted, just shuffling through the haze.

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The Sad Rainbow Inside Our Medicine Cabinet

Alcohol was eating away at my father’s insides, sending him into free fall of physical troubles and a deluge of mental problems. But alcoholism wasn’t the only thing that ailed him.

Ever since he attempted suicide as a young man, his bodily health was never the same. As you can imagine, firing a foreign object into your guts point-blank can leave a devastating aftereffect. It was the choice he made, and the consequences came with it. Over the next decades, he’d pick up the pieces from that tragic day, added to new health problems that certainly were helped along by more poor decisions and personal neglect.
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