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An April Fool: You Want Me to Put That Where?

You know the movie Groundhog Day? The one in which Bill Murray’s character gets trapped in a series of repeating events at a Groundhog Day celebration. At times, I think my life is like that, only it’s called April Fools’ Day. Life’s punching bag. The world’s practical joke. A never-ending farce. In one of their hits, the Bee Gees sing, “Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.”
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It Is What It Is: Lessons Learned From a Smoking Elephant

Those who know me also know that I hate the cliché “It is what it is.” Maybe hate is a strong word; I never really understood it. What is it really saying? If I ask you what something is and you respond with, “It is what it is,” don’t expect gratitude for your over-simplified clarification. Very slowly read it aloud to yourself and contemplate its meaning: It. Is. What. It. Is.
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Disbelief, Apathy, and Panic

Disbelief. That was the only emotion I could muster after what had been a tumultuous year in my employment world. While my supervisor, already relocated to NYC with her family, decided if her future was truly invested in the company (or another one), I was told to “sit tight” and to continue working remotely. She would have discussions with her boss and conclude a course of action (or reaction) from those conversations.
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Everything Happens for a Reason

It’s late as I write this, so I hope it all makes sense. But I just returned from a bonfire with my family, sitting fireside with drinks as meteors danced across the heavens. Mysterious cries from the wilderness behind us were the backdrop. Gentle breezes. Even the mosquitoes, while annoying, offered a friendly reminder of my humble roots. As I gazed at my family from across the burning embers, I realized that nights like this would’ve been missed too much had I moved to NYC. But I came awfully close.
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A Good-Ole Wisconsin Summer

My final summer in Milwaukee was my best. Or at least I tried to make it so. With a fortune-changing relocation to NYC on my personal horizon, I attempted to do all the things that make Wisconsin summers so memorable. June, July, and August are especially alive in Milwaukee, thanks to the countless activities that beckon people out of their homes: fairs, festivals, wooded trails, beaches, lakes, sporting events, and any other reason to have a cold beer in hand. After all, we endure seven months of agonizing cold and sunless depression that we make it our sole mission to account for every minute of summer.
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Ray LaMontagne Told Me Not to Move

I’m a big fan of Ray LaMontagne. About the time I decided to move to New York City, I also coincidentally discovered his single “New York City’s Killing Me.” A telling prophecy of what was to come? Surely Ray was telling me not to move.
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We Walked to School Uphill Both Ways

Quitting my job as an email marketer was the easiest and hardest decision I’ve ever made. It wasn’t a fit; I knew that. But I, with my pride and blue-collar roots, felt like I had quit too soon. Recalling all those “we used to walk to school uphill both ways” conversations my parents and grandparents told, here I was ending a job just a month after it began.
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