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Beer for Breakfast

Summer vacation in our household never equated to big trips. Going “out of state” meant, just ever-so slightly, crossing over the Wisconsin border into neighboring Illinois or Minnesota. My sister and I were robbed of Disney World and never experienced sand and surf until high school, that same trip being the first time we touched our toes in a body of water that wasn’t a murky, freshwater Wisconsin lake.
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The Summer of (Positively) Love: An HIV Story

Dad’s stay in Seattle was cut short due to loneliness. Simply put: He missed his kids. When he boarded the plane for the Pacific Northwest, his intent was a brief visit to catch up with his brother’s family which he rarely saw. And when my uncle, having seen my father’s deteriorating condition, refused to allow his return flight, my dad was stuck in a place he both loved and loathed. He loved it because — let’s be honest — the Emerald City is culturally alive; he hated it because it wasn’t where my sister and I were.
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The Beginning: A Very Good Place to Start

The trouble with giving family background is pinpointing the best place to start. Being a history grad, I know all too well that history is a series of cause-and-effect relationships. It’s cyclical. It repeats. My grandparents, no doubt, provide a telling tale of war and post-war struggles, even raising a family in a different time. Or my own parents’ upbringing at the height of a cultural revolution. With all due respect to them, this is my story.
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A Boomerang Child: To Life and Back Again

The house purchase had fallen through. The news was disheartening, but mostly because it followed three months of bad news. And more bad news. And even more bad news. The icing on the cake. Stuff that made the Bad News Bears the luckiest sons of bitches. Perhaps if the past three months had gone more smoothly, I may not have blown the blown house purchase out of proportion. But there I was, feeling victimized and left searching for more answers.

And that’s when I decided to stop searching.
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Mom, I’m Moving In (Before I Can Move Up)

I’m 32 years old, but I hardly feel grown up. Yet we all get a dose of those little reality checks along the way, reminding us that we certainly aren’t as young as we think. The responsibilities and stresses of life, from finances to family, can keep our feelings of immortality and youthfulness in tow. For me, deciding to buy a house was one of those reality checks. So much, both good and bad, comes with owning a house; was I prepared?
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A Good-Ole Wisconsin Summer

My final summer in Milwaukee was my best. Or at least I tried to make it so. With a fortune-changing relocation to NYC on my personal horizon, I attempted to do all the things that make Wisconsin summers so memorable. June, July, and August are especially alive in Milwaukee, thanks to the countless activities that beckon people out of their homes: fairs, festivals, wooded trails, beaches, lakes, sporting events, and any other reason to have a cold beer in hand. After all, we endure seven months of agonizing cold and sunless depression that we make it our sole mission to account for every minute of summer.
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