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Happiness Only Real When Shared

In Into the Wild, a movie based on Jon Krakauer’s book by the same title, Christopher McCandless concludes, “Happiness only real when shared.” McCandless set out on a wilderness expedition into Alaska, living off the land and carrying with him random objects to either help him survive or document his journey. His odyssey was one of self discovery and enlightenment, as, prior to departing for Alaska, he had given up traditional societal norms by donating his savings and destroying his identification documents, among others.
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The American Dream: Happiness ‘n Stuff

We live in a society in which we’re judged based on our stuff. Your clothes. The finest jewelry. That extra inch on your big-screen TV, because 51 inches is just inadequate. The sweet ride parked in your garage, all blinged out, from hood ornament to rims. A sprawling house on a palatial estate. A summer cottage in the woods.
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